Free tomorrow!

Just pumping some music and chilling tonight. Why not join me and blast some tunes?

Frustrating Google

Ads… Nobody wants them and everyone needs them. I’ve been using AdSense on my sites for many years and they’ve never been a problem. ¬†Until recently that is.

The code is there, but no ads are being displayed. No adblocking software is active, still no ads. And asking Google for help More >

Love it when updates breaks savefiles!

So I was playing Metal Gear Solid, had about 30 hours spent in game and noticed there was an update ready for download so I exited the game and started downloading.

Booted up the game again and my savefile was corrupted! WONDERFUL! 

I really hate it when great games are developed by More >

So new and already updated

I just had to change the look of this place. The old theme was just depressing. I hope you’ll like this bcz it won’t go anywhere soon.

So f***ing gross!

While I did study this in school I had forced myself to forget about it.

I hope to never again be reminded about the horror people found acceptable back in those days.


25 Happy Scientific Facts To Make You Feel Good

This needs to be shared!

Thanks to “list25” who made the video!



You and I

Just fell in love with this one.

Hello world!

To celebrate me finally getting my thumb out of my (censored) and getting this “blog thingy” going again. Let us start with a few iconic words of wisdom from the coolest robot in the world!



Here’s to hoping this place will become livelier than my girlfriends blog which has been collecting More >